W Cut

Our W-Cut Non-Woven Carry Bags are among the most preferred choices of carrying bags of this modern age. Clients can have any size of bag made according to their requirements.

As compared to plastic bags, non-woven bags are the choice of the customers due to their durability, strength, and reusability. The most important part is they are recyclable.

Amongst non-woven bags, manufacturers, Ellyiene.com have come out to be the leader because of the distinctive use of Non-Woven in the manufacturing of their non-woven bags. Ellyiene.com  understands that the unique features of W-Cut bags, in terms of handling, In retail, jewelry, garment, food, and gifting.

Therefore quality and standard are kept on priority. The latest technology is used to bond the bags and provide them extra strength. That is another reason why we can offer a broad customer spectrum of colors like White. The bags can stretch as they have various gussets that help them carry extra quantity. Our list of branded suppliers and patronage of clients results from our commitment to service, quality, and the high standards of Non-biodegradable products. The W-cut bags are offered to customers in various capacities, shapes, and on bulk purchases of non-woven bags, prices are attractive. The ease of carrying the bags is of utmost importance to everyone; that is where the W-cut bags with a handle like D-Cut are preferred at are best in utility.


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Excellent finish
  • Smooth texture


The main component

Material 100% Spun bound non-woven
Weight 30 GSM to 80 GSM
Colour Any Colour